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THIS JOURNAL IS CLOSING DOWN [Jan. 3rd, 2011|04:52 pm]
Geoffrey D. Wessel
Hello. Just to drive the point home, if you're actually still reading this and not a Russian porn bot:

I'm finally going to terminate this account (tho I may just delete the archive and keep the account itself alive in the unlikely event I want to actually comment on a post). It's just been copy/pastes of posts from my regular website for a while now anyway. Last time I asked if anyone was actually still reading this I got a whole 4 replies, I think. So, time to call it a day on LiveJournal.

It hasn't been unpleasant, for the most part, but one of the big early appeals of LJ was the community building this place had, but most have moved on. Some still remain, which is probably why I kept this for so long. But, yeah, time to go.

Here's where you can find me:

http://gdwessel.com -- My site.
http://twitter.com/gdwessel -- Where I actually do MOST of my internetting anymore.
http://facebook.com/gdwessel -- Because, everyone is doing it, why can't I?
http://myspace.com/gdwessel -- Actually I'm killing this too.
http://keeper-comic.com -- Site for my comic Keeper, with Jeff Simpson + Jim Campbell. New pages SOON.
http://hadroncolliderscope.com -- Site for Hadron Colliderscope, a sci-fi webcomic I contribute to. A lot.

I also post semi-regularly at the MillarWorld forums, Bleeding Cool, and the official 2000AD Forum.

Please migrate to keep seeing me. If not, well, nice knowing you.

--- Geoffrey D. Wessel

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